Robert Breezat, Author

Stucky's Bar and Grill
United States

The title of the presentation is: "Knowing and Loving: The Keys to Real Happiness - At the Core of "Service Above Self" and the "The Four Way Test"

I am usually introduced at Rotary Club presentations as "Robert Beezat, a businessman, public official, and community leader who will talk about his book in relationship to Rotary's Mission, Motto and Four Way Test."

In preparation for my presentation to your Rotary Club, I have attached an article I wrote after attending a number of Rotary Club meetings. It is titled "Good News! It's Rotary Day," Some clubs have posted it on their websites prior to my coming to the club. I have also attached a picture of myself. Do what you think is appropriate with both items.

I do a PowerPoint presentation.  I use a laptop, projector, and projection screen.  I bring all of those along with me, or if you have any of those available at your Club meeting site, I can just bring what I need to bring. Or, I can just bring it on a flash drive and plug it into your system.  I will arrive at 7:15 AM to set up for the start of your meeting at 7:30.


Thank you for inviting me to speak, and I look forward to meeting you and your Club members on October 18.Ser