Posted by Mike Lehman on Jun 28, 2018
On Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 the McHenry Sunrise Rotary Club set sail for a 2 hour tour. This was our bi-annual “Changing of the Guard” boat trip and dinner.  During this event our Club recognized the outstanding service of various members.
Donna Adams was given the “Rotarian of The Year” award. Donna was our Oktoberfest chairperson last year. She was instrumental, along with others in turning our small indoor event into a daylong outdoor event last year. Donna was also in charge of keeping the club moving forward on its vision that was created during the clubs visioning session over a year ago. Great job Donna!
This year’s Chuck Petersen Award was given to David Liss. Even though David has only been with the club a few years he has helped with Rotary events almost his entire life. David’s father is a lifelong Rotarian and instilled “Service Above Self” in his son. David isn’t just a rotary member, but is a true Rotarian
Even though the chain is “no wake” we still had a great time getting to know each other and our spouses a little better on this evening. Our new club president, Matt Colby is energized and looking to take our club to the next level. Matt is open to trying new things and always open to suggestions to make our club better.
This year’s board is President: Matt Colby, President-elect/Secretary: David Liss, Treasurer: Mike Lehman and Sergeant at arms: Greg Miller. In the last six months we have added 4 new members and are excited to see them grow as Rotarians.