Wednesday we had Stephanie and Erin from district 12s new program, D12 All In Family Depot. They have started a program with the district that collects cleaning and hygiene supplies, as well
as gently used clothing and toys. 
These items are available for community members on the second
Sunday of every month from 1:00 to 3:00pm at no cost, and there is no personal information required.
They are looking for additional ways to spread information on what they are doing, increase their
donation intake, and spread awareness for helping those in within our community. A great point was
made by them on how many people are unaware at how prevalent homelessness is and that it doesn’t
always fit the stereotypical mental picture we all come up with when we hear the word. There are
plenty of people within the community, living with family or friends, or that have simply fallen on some
harder times, that qualify for assistance and technically fit the definition of homeless and in need.
Some ideas were shared in discussion on some avenues they could seek for more support financially and
via collaboration. 
This was a great presentation to inform us of a fabulous resource that our community has.