15 members in attendance, a guest, Nicole of Kumon, and our speaker, Father Jim Swarthout of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in McHenry. 
*****  October 23rd, Food Drive; we're partnering with Lions Club at collection points of Wal-Mart and Jewel; please drop off any pre-collected food either to Jeff & Vicki at McHenry Financial by Friday or bring to Jewel by 3 pm on Saturday, 10/23.  ***** October 27th, next Rotary meeting will be held at Brunch Cafe.  This is our club's fellowship breakfast and we'll see you there (don't go to Shah Center; you'll be lonely!) ***** November 13th,Rotary Seminar Day at Medinah Banquets in Addison. If interested in attending and learning more about Rotary Basics, PR, Membership and such, contact Jeff Batt.  ***** November 15th,Wreath Sale fundraiser ordering deadline.  You can order through our Club Runner website or through the sheets by accepting payment at time you take the order (cash or checks payable to Rotary Club of McHenry-Sunrise).  ***** December 4th,Wreath Pick-up day for this fundraiser.  Held at Shah Center from 9 am to 12 noon.  Asking all Rotarians to help work the delivery date as we expect to have many people coming to pick-up their orders. ***** EYellowPages through Rotary District.  First year is free and the intent is to help Rotarians do business with Rotarians.  The last Rotary District newsletter has the specifics on where and how. ***** Rotary shirts have all been distributed.  If you have not yet paid for the shirt or fleece, please do so (soon please!).  Replacement fleece tops have been ordered in correct sizes for those mis-sized originally. ***** Membership resignation: sadly, Theresa Lane has submitted her resignation given the conflict with her work schedule, and she certainly wishes our club phenomenal success. ***** Membership: New Application has been received from Wayne Jett of Jett's Heating & Air.  The Board has recommended his approval and it now goes to the membership for review. ***** Rotary Club of McHenry noon club held their ham dinner this past Sunday (10/17) and some Sunrise members helped at the event.  Great support and keeping our relationship strong with our sponsoring club! ***** Mark Adams reported on the Foundation/Fundraising Committee noting five (5) Paul Harris Awards will be forthcoming.  For the auto show, the final accounting will be completed once all bills are received and paid, but we are anticipating a little over $2,000 net.  Jeff Batt noted Rotary recommends the Foundation and Fundraising Committees be separate, and our club will work towards that goal during the coming months.  ***** Scott Siman will give a Service Committee report next week. ***** Public Relations, aka PR, update from Gen Lynott is that she will begin publicizing the Wreath Sale next week per the input from members at the meeting. ***** Program: Father Jim Swarthout spoke on two topics - a program his church sponsors, the Diaper Bank, as well as the "Duck Pluck" fundraising event. ***** First, the "load" about the diaper bank...one of only 10 in the entire country, and the only faith-based of the 10.  Distribute diapers for children, elderly and disabled through social services agencies within the county.  Last year distributed over 168,000 diapers, benefiting over 480 families, and are anticipating a need for over 250,000 this year.  Donations are welcome, and open packages are absolutely fine as the diaper bank does not give out full packages because low income families may be tempted to sell them for the money they need at home. ***** "Duck Pluck" may be an outstanding and much less intensive fundraiser than any on our horizon.  Father Jim purchased the rights to "Duck Pluck" a few years ago for his church, but they have not opted to exercise the right.  He would love to see Rotary pick up this event (Father Jim is a Rotarian at Dawnbreakers in Crystal Lake).  People purchase a number for a "rubber duck" (don't actually get handed a duck) for whatever dollar amount we set.  We sell a total of 5,000 ducks, and we could even set up to sell via our website as we are doing for the wreath sales.  The ducks are "released" into a lake, a river, a pool or whatever, and then one duck is selected, or it's run as a race and the first rubber duck crossing the finish line is the winner, etc. (So many options, so much fun.)  If that duck's number matches a duck number held in a secretly kept envelope, then the donor buying that duck # wins $1,000,000 (yep, one million dollars; now do the Dr. Evil stance with your pinky to your lips!).  Our club could decide if we want one grand winner, or a grand winner and a few smaller dollar amount winners, and such.  We would purchase insurance (like "hole in one" insurance is purchased for golf outings) in the event the plucked duck's number matches the number in the secret envelope.  The Club is discussing running this during Fiesta Days on a Sunday afternoon at Peterson Park.  We have the lake, the audience and a stage / microphone to help us without the cost of these items.  Kay Bates of the Chamber is very supportive of our Club adding this as a Fiesta Days event, and can help with the promotion through all of the Fiesta Days marketing done.  The Board will discuss this event further, as will our membership.