This meeting was our monthly fellowship meeting at the Brunch Cafe; so much of the meeting was spent getting to know each other better.
 *** November 15th is the deadline for the wreath sale.  Next week's meeting will be dedicated to the discussion of ways to generate sales. Be sure to promote this fundraiser during trick-or-treat and other Halloween festivities this weekend. Pick-up of the wreaths will be at the Shah Center on December 4th. *** Several members from the McHenry Noon club were in attendance to thank us for our help with their ham dinner on October 17th. The Noon club presented us with a check for $1,000.00 for our help, and they look forward to partnering with us on more projects in the future. All Sunrisers were very surprised yet very grateful. *** It was brought to the club's attention that it was Vicki's birthday this week and she celebrated a "big one"! Happy Birthday Vicki!!!! *** Our Know A Rotarian this month was Mark Adams. We learned that Mark is nothing if not persistent because he never takes no for an answer; mainly from his lovely wife, Donna. Mark has two children, two stepchildren, and three grandchildren. Mark has been a Rotarian with a few different clubs for over 20 years and has filled a variety of roles in his personal and professional life. He loves warm weather and being a boat captain as he commands some of the "party boats" on the Chain in his spare time. We are fortunate to have Mark as a Sunriser and current foundation committee chairperson. Thanks Mark for sharing a little piece of your life with us.</body></body>