Meeting Recap for 11/10/2010

*** The McHenry Noon Club will host a poker tournament at the McHenry Moose Lodge on Friday, November 12th. Volunteers are welcome.
*** November 13th is Rotary seminar day and members are encouraged to attend. *** November 15th is the deadline for wreath orders. Please get your outside orders to Trista by then or direct those interested in purchasing a wreath to our website by Monday: *** Please submit nominations for next year's board to Jeff by next week's meeting. Georgene asked for a description of the lesser-known board-level positions. Sergeant at Arms = familiar with the club's bylaws. Director at Large = as yet to be determined for our club. As President-Elect, Shelly's goal for next year is to have every person involved on either the board or a committee. It was determined that it would be best for our club to maintain continuity at the Secretary and Treasurer positions between this year and next in order to fully ascertain the exact requirements of these positions for our club and in reporting to RI. *** We are still in the process of gathering information on the potential spring service project of collecting and offering school supplies to the local grade schools. *** The board determined it best to divide the responsibilities of the Fundraising and Foundation Committee into two separate committees. Shawn and Mike have agreed to co-Chair the Fundraising Committee while Mark will remain Foundation Chair. *** Andrea Franzen from the McHenry FISH Food Pantry gave a presentation. FISH services, on average, 500 families (1800 people) per month. They mostly fill in the gap when people are waiting for their government benefits to kick in. There are several ways to support FISH: (1) donate food, though make sure it is not past its expiration date; (2) donate funds, because for every dollar given, FISH can get $10 worth of food and other items from the Northern Illinois Food Bank plus shopping vouchers for those in need; (3) donate non-perishable items, like toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, laundry detergent, bath soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc.; (4) volunteer your time. Summertime is the "slowest" time of year for FISH in that their need persists but donations wane. As a result of Doug's efforts during our initial Operation Thanksgiving planning, Meijer presented FISH with $500 in gift cards. *** The meeting adjourned early. See you all next week!