Lively group this week reminding us of upcoming events, such as Wreath Distribution on Saturday, December 4th, from 9:00 to 12:00 noon. 
 Sign-up sheet will be passed again at next week's meeting.  *****  Be sure to register your business at Rotary eYellow Pages at ***** Board Nominations will be accepted until November 23rd in order to be on the December 1st ballot.  To date nominations include President Elect of Shawn Strach or Trista Iodice; Vice President of Shawn Strach or Trista Iodice; Treasurer of Duane Myers or Maureen Biederer; Secretary of Maureen Biederer or Georgene Sergeant; Director at Large of Dan Arvidson, Ryan Conway or Mike Lehman; and Sergeant at Arms of Doug Martin, Mark Adams or Cathy Itter. ***** Rotary District 6440 is requesting all clubs to vote on an issue the District approved back in 1977, but was advised did not go through proper procedure then of securing approval from the District's Rotary clubs.  The motion for approval was read, and the club members reviewed the issues, noting all were positive and had no negative impact on our club.  A motion was made and seconded, and unanimously approved the District 6440's Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation.  *****  Summary of the recent Board meeting included:  Approval of opening a Charitable Giving bank account at American Community Bank, after noting the current Operating Expense bank account is at Fifth Third Bank;  Approval to donate $250 sponsorship to the McHenry School District's "Town Against Tragedy" program, which had been presented previously to the club; Discussion of the "Duck Pluck" event the club would like to undertake during Fiesta Days.  Jeff Batt will attend the next Fiesta Days committee meeting on December 9th to be sure our club receives approval before our club makes a final determination to undertake this event.  The "Duck Pluck" organization requires a deposit of approximately $2,000 - $2,500 then additional fees are paid 15 days before the event and final fees paid 15 days after the event.  Further discussion will occur once our club secures approval from Fiesta Days committee.  ***** The members discussed a proposal, which will be brought to the club for vote, about making The Brunch Café the permanent location for the regular Rotary meetings.  Both pros and cons were discussed.  Shelly Dercole advised The Brunch Café will meet our needs of providing coffee for free weekly, separate checks except for our monthly fellowship breakfast, and storage of the Rotary banner and supplies for the weekly meeting. They are comfortable with the possibility that no one may eat on occasion and will assess a flat fee of $12 per person including tax and tip for the monthly fellowship meeting where Rotary does provide breakfast.  This will allow simpler accounting and budget planning for the club.  Concerns were raised regarding the ability to have open discussion within an open environment, especially if it involved a "hot button" issue.  Discussion regarding presenters having proper audio/visual equipment was discussed, and Shelly advised she has the projector should a presenter need it.  Lastly, a concern was raised to ensure other restaurant guests were not able to hear our full conversations.  On a flip side, it was noted having a more public presence for the club meetings may encourage others to learn more about Rotary and bring potential members.  Depending upon discussion at the meeting next week, this issue may go to the club for a vote on December 1st or shortly thereafter. ***** The presenter was unable to attend today, so our very own Adam Diamond stepped up to share information about an issue he has seen very often of late – helping community residents who are facing bankruptcy and foreclosure.  Specifically, Adam shared information about the Consumer Credit Counseling Service, which is a not-for-profit agency in Woodstock.  The CCCS is short on funds, and is looking for ways to raise money, and Adam wanted to bring this issue to Rotary's attention.  After much discussion, it was noted a better path to help CCCS would be to invite them to present to our club, look for opportunities to get them in front of HR Managers in the area, where organizations may want to pay a small fee per employee to offer CCCS' services to employees as an employment perk.  Jeff Batt will help coordinate CCCS coming as a presenter, as well as inviting both the program coordinator and President of the local chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).</body>