The really cool Rotarians turned out for this meeting. Wait, I did make it this week? How coincidental!
Board Nominations: Please consider who you would nominate for each of the following board positions and forward your list to Jeff: President-Elect (2012-13), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Director at Large. Birthdays: Doug's birthday is November 9th. MAYC Donation from Car Show: we gave Mike Roberts, MAYC director, $2,100. November 15th: Deadline for Wreath Orders. December 4th: Wreath Pick-up day at Shah Center from 9 to noon. The idea of a School Supply Drive in January/February: Sue offered to follow-up with the school district. R.A.P.I.D. Response Team was revisited and a committee (Mike, Trista, Maureen, Shawn, Ryan, Derek, and Scott) was formed. Maureen will talk with Donna Schaefer. Mark will investigate Rotary International's insurance coverage. Duck Pluck fundraiser will be discussed at a future meeting.