Thirteen members were in attendance at this meeting.

American Community Bank to host Santa:  Maureen Biederer announced Santa will be coming to the bank (on Route 31 in McHenry) on Saturday, 12/11, from 9:00 – 12 noon.  Bring the kids and grandkids, and your camera.  This Santa is the real deal!  There will be cookies, apple cider and lots of fun.  Come on out and start the holiday celebration!


Wreath Distribution Day – Saturday, 12/4:  Shawn and Jeff will be at the Shah Center at 8:30 a.m. with the truckload of wreaths, which Shawn organized this morning.  (Gosh, we meet at 7:30 a.m., which means Shawn was working at… you wild thing!)

Please sign-up to help with the distribution.  Trista suggested having about $25 available to make change should someone want to buy one of the extra wreaths that were ordered.


Board of Directors for 7/1/2011 – 6/30/2012:  And the Oscar goes to… (oh, wait, wrong presentation, but you get the idea!)

President Elect:  Shawn Strach

Vice President:  Trista Iodice

Secretary:  Maureen Biederer

Treasurer:  Duane Myers

Sergeant - at - arms:  Mark Adams

Director-at-large (2 members):  Dan Arvidson and Mike Lehman


Paul Harris Fellowship Presentation:  Jeff Batt announced there are four (4) new Paul Harris Fellows for our club.  Shelly Casella-Dercole received her award at this meeting, and the balance will be presented at the Club Assembly later this month.  Congrats, Shelly!  Jeff gave a brief overview about this award, noting Paul Harris started Rotary in Chicago in 1905.  As Rotarians contribute into this foundation cause, which supports Rotary International (RI) efforts worldwide, our club becomes eligible to receive grants from RI.


Recap of 2010:  Jeff outlined the accomplishments of our club since its beginning stages in January of 2010.

§  January 17th – first meeting of 7 members with an idea of organizing a new club.

§  Five year goals were set:  50 active members, 12 service projects per year, and raise $100,000 for charity annually.

§  April 20th – received Charter from RI, noting we were one of the quickest clubs to receive charter from time of first organizational meeting.

§  April 25th- Sunrise volunteered and helped Home of the Sparrow with raising money

§  May 18th – Sunrise assisted Rotary Club of McHenry with Boone Creek cleanup

§  May 22nd – Sunrise assisted Rotary Club of McHenry with FISH food pantry money collection day

§  June 2nd – Sunrise held its Charter Night event at McHenry Country Club

§  June 8th - Sunrise assisted Rotary Club of McHenry with Mobile Food Pantry Distribution

§  August 8th – Sunrise held its first annual fellowship picnic for members and family, and potential new members

§  October 9th – Sunrise held the first annual car show, and raised $2,100 for MAYC (McHenry Area Youth Commission)

§  October 17th - Sunrise assisted Rotary Club of McHenry with their annual ham dinner

§  October 23rd – Sunrise assisted the McHenry Lions Club with both the food drive and money collection for FISH food pantry with our club raising an additional $600 towards that cause, plus collecting food

§  November 12th - Sunrise assisted Rotary Club of McHenry with their poker tournament

§  November 15th – Sunrise undertook its first annual wreath sale fundraiser and raised approximately $700 (without significant time or inventory commitment)


Going forward, the club will work to become a stronger club, driving towards our 5-year goals.


Brunch Café:  discussion continued regarding the pros and cons of moving our meetings to Brunch Café.  Members present agreed creating more of a fellowship environment is important for our meetings, and whether we move to another location or stay at Shah Center, it was agreed we need to evaluate and move forward with creating a warmer environment for our meetings.  Trista Iodice will send out a poll asking for input from all members, and those who have not been at the meetings for the discussions, please be sure to give your input.  The poll will also include asking about the start time of the meeting, how to make meetings better, and such.  Other avenues besides Brunch Café may also be explored.


Concerns shared at this meeting about moving to Brunch Café included the room is not private and others at the restaurant can hear our discussion.  Some thought that was fine since Rotary is a public group looking to grow our membership.  The distractions for the speakers, even if turn the “U” to face the other direction.  Ensuring the ability to keep to one hour, and coordinating food orders better.  Audio Visual issues for presenters.  Others noted how several of these concerns can be addressed.  The biggest challenge all agreed upon was the size of the area as our club grows or if we had full attendance of existing members.  It was noted, Brunch Café, if we moved there, would not be the final resting place J for our club, but rather a step in our journey.


2011 Service Projects:

As the club evaluates service projects for the coming year, it was noted to keep three criteria in mind:  1) is there a need for it, 2) is there an effective way to administer it (or collect for it), and 3) is there an effective way to complete it (distribution, etc.)

§  School Supply Drive:  will be brought back to the club once more information is gathered.  Sue Lowe is awaiting a call back from Dr. Hoffman, and Jeff Batt is awaiting a call back from Allan Smiegel.  Jim Scholte offered the Library’s pole barn for storage for service projects.

§  Non-Food Collection Drive:  it was suggested to tie this into the St. Patrick’s Day parade at the festival after the parade.  This will be taken to the parade committee, where attendees could be asked to bring paper goods, toiletries, etc. (similar to Toys for Tots).


Fundraising Idea:  Trista tossed out the idea of hosting a “Bachelor Auction” and tie it into Valentine’s Day.  Although many chuckled, it was not taken off of the table.  Sue Lowe mentioned another group hosts something similar in April each year.


Duck Pluck Fundraiser:  Jeff Batt stated he and Mike Lehman will attend the Fiesta Days Committee meeting on December 9th, and will report back afterwards.  The club will need to decide if we are proceeding with this event by mid-January to give our club time to market / advertise, and put all of the pieces in place.