Tour of Centegra Sage Cancer Center.
-  We all took an informative tour of the Sage Cancer Center

-  Announcements:

      -  Feb 16 Club Assembly:  Will be discussing parade, Car show, and RAPID.

      -  Feb 26 District Assembly:  Duane has volunteered to take Shawn's place at the district conference, Thanks Duane!

      -  March 5th Crystal Lake Dawnbreakers Charity Auction:  Jeff will send out some information and try to put a table together for our club.  Sue Dobbe from the Dawnbreakers will visit next week to provide us with more information.

      -  March 13 Rotary Parade

      -  Shelly announced the upcoming Rotary district Vocational Scholarship Program, Scott Siman will talk with the noon club to partner with them to do the student interviews and allow us to send 4 students to the district in an effort to win a Vocational Scholarship.

      -  Scott Siman gave us an update on RAPID.  We have our first two projects.  One is a broken mailbox (Mike, Derek & Shawn will address) and the second is a driveway for an elderly couple (Derek took care of). 



Amy Moerschbaecher from Sage Cancer Center talked about the services they offer and the fact that they are a premier Cancer facility right here in McHenry. 


Meeting ended at 8:30am.