This meeting covered St. Patrick's Day Parade and paper-goods-drive planning.

Remember to encourage friends, family, and local businesses and organizations to contribute paper goods and personal products for collection during the parade festivities for donation to FISH.

Cathy Itter had hip-replacement surgery on February 28th and will be on a leave of absence from work through Easter on April 24th. The club will send her flowers. Former club member Chad Mihevc recently had ice fall off his roof onto his face which required about 30 stitches. The club will send a get-well card to him.

Happy Birthday to Derek on March 3rd - though it seemed like news to Derek when Jeff mentioned it! :D

Shelly gave a brief summary of her PETS experience and Duane, Maureen, and Trista told of their experience during the District Assembly.  Our RAPID Response Team idea was VERY well-received while others could not seem to wrap their heads around the idea that we neither take nor submit strict meeting attendance nor do we typically meet over a meal. In short, our club is the newest in the District and definitely fits the bill as the "bigger, better, bolder" club that is currently encouraged by Rotary.

The Human Race sign-ups are also increasing as we near the event on April 16th.  Even if you participate in the event, you can volunteer to help with registration and other tasks that day.  Rebecca will tell us more about it after the St. Patrick's Day festivities on March 13th.

The fellowship event to which all Rotary clubs in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Richmond - Spring Grove, and Woodstock will be invited will be held on Friday, May 6th, from 6 - 9 p.m. at Dunnhill's in their party room.  The cost to attend will be $20/person.  Rotarians are encouraged to bring guests; whether significant others or prospective Rotarians...or both!

As Mayor of our fair city, Sue gave an abbreviated State of the City address to the club; which was both informative and encouraging. Thanks Sue!