Jim Marinangel from McHenry Savings Bank gave a presentation on the Kiwanis Soap Box Derby that will be held on Waukegan Road on June 11th.  He provided us with details of the event and explained that our club may want to consider sponsoring a car and driver.


A woman from RI whose name presently escapes me as any notes I took from that day have disappeared gave a presentation on international opportunities for us to consider and/or pursue as a Rotary Club.  Since Scott Siman is still in contact with an exchange student his family once hosted from Iceland (Ingve, I think), we may consider partnering with them. 

Michelle Sacchitello from Hospice & Palliative Care of Northeastern Illinois gave a presentation on April 20th.  She explained to us what they do and how we can help - namely by attending their Duck Race and Pool Party on Saturday, July 30th, from 4-7 p.m. at Woodstock Water Works.  You can buy a duck for $5 (or in groups at a slightly discounted rate) to win prizes.  It's free to attend this fun family event and enjoy open swimming, DJ music & games, face painting, hair braiding, tattoos (the fake kind, I imagine, or the chlorine would really sting!), food to purchase, and many other prizes.

The meetings on April 6th and 13th focused on further planning regarding The Human Race, which was a great success on April 16th.

The invitations for the Evening of Fellowship event on May 6th were distributed to local clubs.  To entice attendance, it was decided we should raffle off an item.  To save all members the trouble of soliciting donations, Trista suggested - from an idea gleaned while reading "The Rotarian" - each member contribute a bottle of wine (anything you'd like) to an Instant Wine Cellar that will be raffled off to someone in attendnace that night.

This year's car show will feature a different format from last year.  It will be held on Saturday, August 20th, at Petersen Park and we will coordinate the event with the McHenry Streeters car club (Dan Arvidson is a member).  The morning will feature a poker run.  Participants will purchase one or more hands of poker at $10 apiece.  They will receive their first card at the start at the park and then will visit three or more locations along an established route to collect additional cards toward their hand(s).  Upon their return to Petersen Park by a certain time, participants may put their vehicles on display; though no judging or anything like that will be made.  Prizes will be given for the collected poker hands (e.g. best hand, worst hand).  The day's activities will be family-oriented - food vendors, face painters, outdoor games.  The proceeds from this event will benefit the McHenry Area Youth Commission.

Speaking of the McHenry Streeters, they will participate in a clean-up of the parking lot off Green Street and Route 120 behind Green Street Cafe and McHenry Savings Bank on Saturday, May 7th, at 10 a.m.  To show our good faith as we head into planning the car show together, we would like as many club members as are able to participate in clean up that day.  Please let Dan know if you're able to attend.

This month's fellowship breakfast was held this morning at Brunch Cafe.  Dan Arvidson was our Know A Rotarian.  He provided us with a very real glimpse into his life with the inclusion of four (maybe five) photo albums.  Since much of his life involved shoveling concrete, he can still fit into his high-school football jersey (which he wore today).  Thanks to Dan and his wife Debbie (who put the albums together) for sharing your story with us.

If you haven't already done so, please bring a bottle of wine to our next meeting on May 4th at the Shah Center for Trista and Maureen to assemble into a fancy display of the Instant Wine Cellar on May 6th at Dunnhills for our Evening of Fellowship. If you are unable to attend the meeting on May 4th, please contact Trista so we can make arrangements for me to get your donation from you.  Seriously ~ your contribution can be anything from a bottle of Three-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's or a dusty old bottle that's been occupying space on a kitchen shelf for who-knows-how-long to a bottle of your favorite Napa blend.  Whatever you'd like would be fine.

While I'm sure I've forgotten something that took place over the last month, I hope I hit the main points.