A new president in charge and great 1st speaker for the year.
This morning we had our first meeting with our new president, Denise Daleo. She is ready for 2 years of Rotary fun. She has asked all club members to step up and help arrange for speakers at our morning meetings. Several members have already stepped up and are working on finding them. She also mentioned an event that the Arlington Heights Rotary Club is hosting at Arlington International Racecourse. This is scheduled for August 14th. For more info please visit http://rotary6440.org/event/rotary-family-day-at-the-races/#sthash.h40K4QCs.dpuf
We also had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from Dawn Bluemke. Dawn is with Black Diamond Charities. Black Diamond Charities has two missions: Children & Veterans.
There is a need for children to have the right to attend schools with the appropriate tools to excel. “If we want a child excited about learning, we must give them the tools they need to learn, then learning becomes FUN.” This has become our mantra for “Our Children”.  It is not a child’s fault, their parents are in a state of distress.
Our Project Management Training course trains Veterans in Project Management. This course teaches the students the tools and techniques that team members need to be successful. It is great therapy for recovering soldiers, helping them set goals for their transition to civilian life.
Please visit  www.blackdiamondcharities.org to find out more.
Thanks Dawn.