Shelly asked for input on why we joined this club and whether we'd like anything different out of the meetings.  The general consensus from those in attendance was that the day and time is fine; rather simply that there are times of the year that are more conducive to actual attendance than others.


Trista reminded those in attendance of our Evening of Fellowship at Dunnhills on May 6th.  The result of the event was 39 total attendees from seven local clubs and was favorably received by all. 

The Northern Illinois Streeters, a car club of which Dan is a member, asked us to help them clean up the perimeter of the Green Street parking lot on Saturday, May 7th.  In an effort to show good faith leading up to the joint effort from our clubs to organize the Poker Run & Family Fest in August, some Sunrisers showed up that morning to help remove dead brush and debris from along the creek.

Ingrid Danler from the Fox Waterway Agency gave a presentation on the purpose and function of the organization. 

The Crystal Lake Dawnbreakers have organized a bus trip to Milwaukee for the Cubs/Brewers game on Friday, August 26th, and have invited us to join them.  The all-inclusive cost is $67/person.  If you're interested in going, please let Jeff know.

On May 11th, we mainly discussed the details of our Poker Run & Family Fest.  Trista's husband Nick and business partner Tim will be at least one of the food vendors available that day.  The McHenry Area Youth Commission, as the beneficiary of the event, has been asked to organize kids' activities at Petersen Park for the day.  Poker hands will be $10/each - participants will be welcome to buy more than one.  Stops along the poker-run route are being determined.  Sponsorship levels and sponsors are being determined and requested.

RAPID Response Team was discussed.  We need to establish guidelines in terms of the type of projects we will and will not undertake.

On May 18th, Don Weingart from the Noon club asked for help with their collection for FISH Food Pantry on Saturday, May 28th, at various locations around town.  Meet at the Century 21 office on 120 before your shift begins for coffee and a donut and to collect your apron and change receptacle.  Jeff recently sent out an e-mail of the remaining available time slots and locations.  Please respond to him to fill a spot when and where you can. 

Mike is working on developing some graphics to present as possible options for our club's banner. 

Sean Nelson from Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) gave a presentation on this component of Rotary.  He said the name is a bit of a misnomer because no actual awards are distributed.  RYLA is an action-packed, information-rich camp for high-school kids that takes place for two weekends each year (one in March, one in April) at Camp Edwards in East Troy, Wisconsin.  Applications are due in February each year and clubs are encouraged to send at least one if not more students annually.  He invited us to send a few kids for free next year just to get their feedback on the benefits of RYLA as a worthwhile cause for our club to pursue.

Our next meeting will be the May Fellowship Breakfast at the Brunch Cafe at 7:30 a.m. during which Shelly will be our Know A Rotarian.  A current and incoming board meeting will take place immediately following the fellowship breakfast at American Community Bank at 9 a.m.