Two great presentations on Wednesday. Tom Geraci from District 156 and Joe Starzynski from Woodstock Rotary. Tom was here to share McHenry District 156’s transition program. He helps student from 18 to 22. He helps these students develop independent living and job skills. He works with local businesses to find jobs for these students. He is looking for speakers from local businesses to come in and speak to the students about what they do. He has these students go on field trips to learn about what that business does. He also has a train to hire program to make sure the student has the skills for that job. He is looking to meet with local businesses that may need employees. Joe came to talk about the foreign exchange students. He brought Vivie from Finland and Lisa from Sweden. They like the program and think it is great that they were part of Rotary. Joe is looking for clubs to host and the more clubs that hosts the more students we get to send.